What would we do without electricity?  It is woven into every aspect of our lives.  It brings us Light, Comfort, Convenience and Power.

These are things that we expect in our homes, so it is critically important that all the wiring, circuits, receptacles, and switches are properly installed and maintained.   To make sure this gets done right, it is important to hire a Licensed Electrician.

At Faraday we have Licensed Electricians who will meet your electrical and lighting needs.  Whether the project is part of a larger remodel, a full house rewiring, installing a sub-panel, or just moving some switches, we have you covered.

Let’s get you connected!

  • remodel
  • rewire
  • switches & outlets
  • recessed lighting
  • sub-panel
  • service change
  • breakers & fuses.
  • ceiling fans

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